Glamour Model Talent - Thieves

Chicago, Illinois 2 comments

Beware everyone because they will approach you at the festivals in the city (Chicago) trying to tell you that your kids are this and that (cute, outgoing).

They just want your test money. When I tried to ask the *** naive girl, so how much is this going to cost me, she was like. Oh, well we will discuss that when we setup an appointment.

There will not be an appointment. And just stop scamming people. So if they come up to you and tell you that they want to photograph your kids, don't take the card, don't listen. They are ignorant and taking advantage of people left and right. Jerks.

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Glamour is professional.Their staff has helped me.

I did two big fashion show with them so far.

I was in two catalog shoots.It was not free promotion work I was paid.


I was a model with Glamour Model Talent for four years. This agency has been

extremely successful in finding, developing, and placing talent with top casting and advertising agents in the entertainment and modeling industry.

Glamour Model Talent, Inc. has worked very hard to have an excellent reputation in

the community and has proven that by the number of success talent stories. I was very satisfied with their service.

Glamour Model Talent - No work from Glamour Model and Talent in Chicago.

Elmhurst, Illinois 0 comments

No work from Glamour Model and Talent in Chicago. I paid about $95 for my daughter to be photographed in the winter of 2008, and months later, nothing.

During the interview they went on and on about all the work available...movies in Chicago and print ads and commercials. During our meeting, the interviewer talked mostly about her love of animals and hating the color of her office window...for at least 15 minutes.

Even after a phone call with Glamour and agreement from them to make her more visible to potential clients, no calls and no work. Don't hold your breath.

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